A downloadable game for Windows

A companion adventure of loss, grief and recovery

Default Controls:
ASDW Directional
hold <space> Jump
'e' Confirm (dialogue)
'f' Shield (gameplay)
'q' Block (gameplay)

Install instructions

Download zipfile

Extract to folder

Run Unity menu.exe or shortcut.


Amaya and Ko.rar 101 MB


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PS: I think you would get much better results on Newgrounds. More reviews etc etc my games get pretty much nothing here but really good newgrounds

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You did a fantastic job on the atmoshpere. 
I felt really happy being inside playing this game. 

I think this is a really great game, but it doesn't come throuhg because of some small things that cause great frustration. Even though I couldn't help but quit at chapter 4. Because of some small issues that are really easy to fix but caused me too great frustration sorry. 

1. I died and then I had to start all over again this really frustrated me. I would have loved checkpoints. 

The game would be way less frustrating for me if you added more checkpoints. A nice place to add these checkpoints 
could be at each new mechanic introduction. Like after you learn you can use Ko as a little umbrella, 
or after you get introduced to the oscillation device (google wip+ speeltuin). 

Would you be interested in doing a game jam together?  We can learn a lot from eachother.  I could help with design and programming. 
You can check out my work here and see if you're interested. 

https://jaswir.newgrounds.com/ (Pirate and Tough Growth my best) 

Hi @FeatherHatGames,

Thanks so much for the thoughtful review! I'll check out NewGrounds.

I'd love to do a game jam together. I checked out Pirate and Tough Growth. They're pretty engaging.

Are you participating in anything soon? ProcJam (procedurally generated games) started last night at midnight.

My pride and joy of Amaya and Ko was the dialogue overlay. I created a full manager for automating the expressions, audio cues, auto-enabling scripts, and speech. I later brought that dialogue overlay to the Global Game Jam, when I participated in Copsing Mechanisms, a game about building family through the metaphor of growing a copse of different kinds of trees.